Fitness Center Insurance

Fitness Center Insurance

You need a fitness center insurance policy that can cover your business and keep it in the best shape possible. With many carriers, we can tailor make a fitness center insurance policy that can insure your business is the correct way which giving you great rates on it.

The first stop on your fitness center insurance needs should always what your insurance options are as well the types of claims you can avoid by having the right insurance. Understanding what you are getting, as well as what you are missing in your fitness center insurance package are great tools for you. Let’s look at the common coverage’s you can purchase for your kind of business.

Fitness Center Insurance – General Liability

General Liability is the most common type of fitness center insurance. This insurance insures your business from slip and falls as well accidents that can be cause due to negligence. This coverage also covers some Medical Expenses for center insurance

Here are a few claims examples;

  • A customer of a fitness center was lifting weights when a five hundred pound machine fell on his back and crushed him – the man received crushed lungs and vertebrae in his spine. All together he received over One Hundred and Fifty Thousand in medical bills as well as the loss of income due to the injury.
  • A client of one fitness facility slipped and fell at the entrance and had a fracture and used for Twelve Thousand dollars in Medical Expenses and lost wages.
  • Here is a Medical Payments claim – a client of one fitness facility was using a squat machine when it came off the ground and cut her leg and she had Three Thousand in medical Expenses.

Fitness Center Insurance – Property

Property insurance covers your property on the premises. This policy can insure the building if you own it as well as the contents inside. Like any property insurance policy you need to consider the deductible if you want to reduce costs. Business Income coverage is coverage included in Property insurance, but it must be selected separately so do make sure it is included – it insures your business if there is a covered loss that results in you having to shut down your business. If you own any property you should make sure to include it in your Fitness Center Insurance package.

Here are some property claims examples;

  • In one center, there was a fire in a connected building which caused both water and smoke damage to the center. They ended up having over Fifty Thousand in damage to both the building as well as the contents within it. The center was closed for repairs and thankfully they had business income coverage to repay them for their lost receipts.
  • One facility had some vandalism including graffiti which resulting in over Five Thousand in damages.

Fitness Center Insurance – Professional Liability

Professional Liability is almost always included in our policies, but you should make sure you understand just what this covers. This covers professional decisions made by your personal.

Here is a claims example:

  • A personal trainer at one facility was working with a client and they encouraged them to increase the amount of weight they were using as well as the pace of the workout. During the personal training time the customer was injured and sued for thirty five thousand in medical costs as well as lost wages.

Fitness Center Insurance – Abuse & Molestation

This Fitness Center Insurance coverage does exactly what it sounds like. It insures your business from claims of Abuse or Molestation.

Here is a claims example:

  • A member of one fitness facility sued because of a personal trainer that exhibited inappropriate behavior toward them. The defense costs of this claim were over Seventeen Thousand Dollars.

While these are the most common Fitness Center Insurance coverage’s there are other coverage’s available including;

Hired and Non Owned Auto Liability – Covering your business should you have your employee run an errand and they have a liability claim.

Commercial Auto Insurance – Covering vehicles owned by the facility.

Workers Compensation – Insuring the businesses employees from injury.

Now that you understand the Fitness Center Insurance coverage options let me tell you more about what we have to offer. Not only have we been in business over 35 years writing commercial insurance, but we have many markets that write Fitness Center Insurance policies. So, with our experience and the numbers of Fitness Center Insurance carriers, we can find you the best price for your business – and we can do so every year shopping the insurance so you don’t have to.

We can also include the Professional Liability, some Abuse & Molestation, Child Sitting Services, your Personal Trainers, Sport Courts and your Jacuzzi’s, Hot tubs, and Sauna’s at no extra charge. We typically have no Fitness Center Insurance liability deductible.

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