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The biggest purchase you will ever make in your lifetime is the purchase of your home, so it is best to insure it. Homeowners insurance isn’t a complicated coverage. This Homeowners insurance policy insures your home and its contents should a loss happen to it and a renters insurance policy isn’t much different. A renters insurance policy insures the contents in your dwelling but doesn’t cover the building. The coverage’s on a Home Insurance policy will vary by state and you should verify what the insurance does and does not cover.

What does a Homeowners policy typically not cover? – You will find that a Homeowners policy may not cover Earthquake, Flood, or even Wind & Hail depending on where you live. If you are in an area that can have home insuranceTornadoes, Hurricanes or if you reside in a area prone to hail, you will find that these policies will typically exclude coverage. If you do want coverage for these type of risks, then you could either buy back these exclusions on this policy or if they will not do that you can purchase a separate policy to cover them.

Make sure you ask your agent or read your policy to understand just what it does.

So, what kind of homes do we insure? – Old homes, new homes, motor homes, mobile homes – it really does not matter as we represent many insurance companies which help us to find you the coverage you will need for your home. We can also provide insurance coverage for seasonal properties, mountain homes, ranches estates, high value, low value and hard to insure properties. We are insurance brokers who strive to find you the best prices by shopping many insurance companies.

Under our Dwelling Coverage policies we can even insure your homes, duplex’s, and tri-plex’s for insurance coverage even when you are not living in them and you are renting them out. Have something bigger? From Four plex’s on up we write these on a commercial policy and you can read about them on our Apartment Insurance page.

What if you have been cancelled by a previous carrier or have had claims? Well, with many companies we have some that write all types of house with issues.

Every policy is different and your individual needs and situation will impact the type of policy you will get and the coverage that will be offered. Insurance policies don’t cover everything, so make sure you understand what the policy does.

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