Commercial Truck Insurance

A Commercial Auto Policy covers your vehicle when used for a business, and all truck drivers are required to carry one of these policies. We refer to Trucking Insurance as a Commercial Truck Insurance Policy. This is a special policy that covers your semi-trucks and trailers for a variety of coverages. You have many different options coverage wise and as a trucker have filing requirements that we need to make sure we know. Filing and requirements vary by state and you may have federal requirements as well.

Commercial Truck Insurance – Auto Coverages

commercial truck insuranceThe Coverages on a Commercial Truck Insurance auto policy mirror a personal auto policy.

  • Liability Insurance – If you are involved in an accident and you are at fault, the auto liability will cover the injured parties for bodily injury and/or property damage.
  • Uninsured Motorists – This covers you and your vehicle if someone without insurance hits your vehicle or if they do not have enough insurance this will go over it.
  • Medical Payments – Covers you and your passengers no matter who is at fault.
  • Comprehensive – Covers your vehicle, minus a deductible, for theft or vandalism.
  • Collison – Covers your vehicle, minus a deductible, for a collision. If you do not have uninsured motorist’s coverage this coverage would typically cover an accident where you are at fault, but the claim will count against you while Uninsured Motorists would not.
  • Rental & Towing – Some policies may carry auto rental and towing.


Commercial Truck Insurance – Cargo Insurance

When you have cargo, the cargo is not covered under the commercial auto policy. You would need Cargo insurance and if you have refrigerated goods you need reefer coverage to cover the breakdown and spoilage of refrigerated foods. Make sure if you have multiple vehicles that you are covered for the right amount of cargo in a year.


Commercial Truck Insurance – General Liability

Many people you will do work for will require you to carry a Commercial General Liability Insurance policy. This policy will cover you outside the vehicle for damage you may cause while on their property or if someone is injured due to something your driver says or boxes they fell over.

These are the most common coverages you will find that a Trucking Company will carry. There are other coverages you may be able to purchase, like Workers Compensation.


Why choose us for Commercial Truck Insurance?

When it comes to Commercial Truck Insurance there are many carriers that will write them, and we represent many of the carriers that specialize in Trucking Insurance. We will write everything from Box trucks, Semi trucks, Flatbed trucks, Front loaders, Garbage trucks, Pickup trucks, Tank trucks, Tractors, Dump trucks, Auto hauler trailers, Flatbed trailers, and many more…

With over 35 years of experience you will be able to find the best Commercial Truck Insurance package for your business with all the filings done and in place so you can work on your business and not worry about the insurance side of it. As the Commercial Truck Insurance is one of your biggest expenses, you need to make sure you have a good Agency representing you and that you are insured with a great insurance company. Make sure you contact us today to get a quote for your trucking company!

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