Arizona Daycare Insurance Requirements

Arizona Home Daycare Insurance Requirements

daycare insuranceEffective July 1st 2016 the State of Arizona has changed the insurance requirements for in-home Daycare’s. These new requirements make obtaining insurance coverage much higher than they have been previously. You will need to see if your insurance carrier can meet the requirements, and if not you will need to find someone that will.

Daycare Insurance Requirements

The General Liability requirements are a $1,000,000 liability limit per occurrence with a $2,000,000 aggregate. They also want $50,000 of Damage to Rented Premises.

The Abuse and Molestation requirements have went up to $500,000.  The certificate also must stated that “Sexual Abuse/Molestation is included”.

Lastly, the State of Arizona is to be named as an additional insured.

Daycare Insurance Carriers

The amount of the Abuse and Molestation insurance requirement limits the number of insurance companies that will write insurance coverage for the in-home Daycare’s. The problem is many insurance companies wont go up to this limit. Thankfully, we do have carriers that will. The rates tend to be higher and if you have any claims you may have a harder time finding an insurance company that will write the Daycare Insurance.

Typically, to quote the insurance we will need our Daycare Insurance Quote form filled and returned with 3 years of loss runs. Loss runs are reports from your previous carriers showing your companies claim history. We would need these reports from the three years prior to today.

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