Janitorial Insurance

Janitorial Insurance

When it comes to your Janitorial companies and the insurance coverage’s you should purchase you need to consider both the price of the package with the coverage you feel you need. Luckily for you, janitorial insurance coverage’s are pretty common and cost effective and no janitorial company can be without most of them.

Janitorial Insurance – General Liability

When it comes to janitorial insurance the biggest insurance need is in the area of liability. General Liability covers your business from damage caused by your company. This can include someone slipping and falling over work you do or damage you may do to a building you are cleaning. Liability insurance is usually required some of the people whose places you are cleaning and these policies tend to be based on the number of full time and the number of part time workers you have including any owners.

At times some of these people or businesses will require you to name them as an additional insured – and generally you will find that businesses will ask for this more than someone whose house you are cleaning. Why would they? The additional janitorial insuranceinsured endorsement includes them on the policy and covers them should you do work in their place of business and it causes an accident. If that customer came to their place of business and work you did cause an accident and they sued both of you, then your coverage would cover them.

You can even purchase a property damage extension. This type of coverage covers if you damage property while cleaning. So, if you knocked over a bookshelf and broke a vase, the vase would be covered under your policy.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation covers your employees if they were hurt on the job as well as insures your business if it was sued by the employee that was injured. Most states require workers compensation and you defiantly should purchase for your business.

Janitorial Services Bond

A good number of janitorial companies will purchase a Dishonesty Bond for their Janitorial Insurance package. This bond, also known as a Janitorial Services Bond, covers your business when there are allegations of theft and will reimburse the party should something get stolen and if the person is convicted of the crime.

Inland Marine Coverage

Since most of your businesses equipment travels with you, you do not want to purchase a commercial property policy; you want to purchase an inland marine policy. The inland marine policy covers your businesses property anywhere you go. This can be in your vehicle as well as at your client’s premises.

If you have a separate storage location where you may have a retail store for your goods or you store your equipment, we can cover this on a Commercial Property Policy. These types of policies tend to be lower in price as the policy doesn’t cover the property away from the premises.

Commercial Auto Insurance

The last major coverage that could be needed is a Commercial Auto Policy. This insures your vehicles under a commercial policy. As many personal auto insurance carriers will exclude business use, if your vehicle is marked with your company name or you take it from job site to job site, you want to make sure you have a commercial auto policy. They also can give you higher limits of insurance coverage to better protect your business.

The Janitorial Insurance package coverage’s are all up to you, purchasing the right insurance protects your business from a variety of losses and keeps you in business. Having coverage means when there is a loss you are not out of pocket for the costs to replace items, defend on certain types of lawsuits, or pay medical bills. Without insurance, even one midsize issue could put you out of business.

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