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When you have a Boat or an RV you need insurance just like on your personal vehicle. This insurance covers you for losses where you are either at fault or someone that hits you are at fault and they have no insurance. While Boat Insurance is not always required, you will find that a recreational vehicle does require you to carry insurance as is it driven on public roads.

Boat Insurance

You will find that Boat Insurance works a lot like auto insurance. You have liability, uninsured motorists, and comprehensive and collision and these coverages work just like in an auto insurance policy. While not always required, some Marina’s will require it, you should purchase coverage for your boats. The boats we can cover vary in size from a Jet Ski to a full Yacht.

RV Insurance

Since RV’s are licensed for road use, you are required to carry liability on them. You will find that coverages for your RV are very standard and you can get it insured at a good rate since they are not used as often as a personal auto.

Every policy is different and your individual needs and situation will impact the type of policy you will get and the coverage that will be offered.

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